Thursday, May 27, 2010

almost done



  1. Keep at it "almost done". Some good planning is turning into some good animation. Maybe model up the skateboard as well?

  2. Katie, this is going to be a really interesting movement when youv'e finished it and it's already catching my eye with the golden pose mid air and the spacing and timing. I'm looking forward to you putting in the stretch and squash, but you know you've got a great feel for making capturing little phrases of movement. I kepp thinking of that great spacing you had in your reaction (laughing girl) animation last year.

  3. I really like your posing here missy, you're starting to stuff the organic movement into max (and no, not the sort of organic movement you might be thinking of...).

    I would start to break out from the rotoscope now though and over-exaggerate you're posing, keep it fast, reinforced with strong arcs, building in intensity to your golden pose. If you can lead all your other poses into that one big one, i think it would look rather smashing.

    Loosen max up a bit, break up the symmetry and grow a beard!

  4. Thanks Michelle and Bobbi. There is no doubt that Katie's finished work will be fantastic after those critiques except the bit about the beard.